XUL Console



XUL Console is a Mozilla/Firefox extension to ease the XUL developer work.
Even if you're an expert in XUL coding, you sometimes need to quickly verify some code construction.
And if you're a newbie, you'll probably find XUL Console very handy to try some examples and soon become a XUL Guru.

Oddly enough, no such tool actually exists in the Mozilla community. XUL Console fills the gap: not only you can type in hundreds or thousands lines of code to evaluate, but you can also save this code to a file and later reload it to make some change.
At any time, you can evaluate the XUL code you typed in an have an immediate result of the evaluation displayed in the Output panel.

All XUL Console commands are gathered in contextual menus which mimize mouse gestures (there are keyboard shortcuts for many of these menu entries).

By courtesy of Alice J. Corbin, XUL Console includes a full set of XUL samples than can be loaded as a whole (Alice's "Periodic Table") or individually, providing a useful reminder of XUL widget functionalities and properties.


XUL Console have been tightly modeled after another Mozilla extension, devoted to JavaScript development: JS Console. Both have a similar GUI and rely on a standalone Mozilla extension, Mozlib (installed with XUL Console package), which provides useful general purpose JavaScript classes (see JS Console project home page for details). Mozlib class instances can be used anywhere and directly within the code you want to evaluate (using a <script> element).


The xulconsole project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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